The distinguished World Wide Fund for Nature Foundations included the Lastovo archipelago among the 10 paradise oasis in the Mediterranean with untouched beauty, the key to recognizing the diversity in the Mediterranean.

Coiming to Lastovo is not just a beginning of your holiday. It is much more than swimming and sunbathing. It is a chance for long walks through beautiful, pristine nature; a chance to refill your batteries and reconnect with the nature. Lastovo is perfect for people that can come during the months when the benefits of the Mediterranean climate are most prominent: May, June or September – this is the time when Lastovo flourishes, grows and procreates. It is the best time to indulge in herbal aromas and relaxation -- without high temperatures and numerous tourists.

Lastovo Poklad Carnival

Lastovo's poklada – a unique experienceNot even rain or chilly weather could have spoilt the last year's Carnival on Lastovo, known as Poklad.

Pokladari. 47 pairs of Carnival folk (pokladari) gathered together.

The masks were even more beautiful!

And everything was carried out as in was centuries ago...

Rough mask wearers. One day before "fat Monday", Lastovo was filled with the song of "the rough party makers" –

a group of masked people who, along with singing, most often with an accordion, go around houses gathering eggs from people.

lovely mask wearers

Participants. Not only permanent local inhabitants took part. Many people from Lastovo who are scattered around the world return to their homeland especially for the carnival activities.

The sound of lyre and carnival song are reason enough for them to come from Australia, Italy, Germany... not to mention those from Split and Zagreb!

At no other time of year do they feel that their body and soul firmly belongs to the island.

There, on the beautiful blue Adriatic …

In the sleepy splendour Lastovo... 

waits for us…

 The girls do not mind about the cold weather or any opportunities. They dress as though they were in Rio

 Joe Bepino Resic for years, whenever possible, comes from Australia for the carnival to his old birthplace and of course he never misses the masked ball or the carnival parade

And of course the kids also wear masks and participate in the

 The carnival tradition is passed from father to son - Lukša Lešić and his son Ivan

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