Rich wildlife.  In addition to the richness and diversty of flora in the Lastovo archipelago, there we can also find a significant number of animal species (141 species of vertebrates, out of which 118 are endangered). Especially birds – Lastovo islands are a resting place for numerous migratory birds on their voyage from Europe to Africa during September and October, and back from Africa in the spring. Birds such as shearwaters, seagulls, yelkouan shearwaters, and even the rare Falco Eleonorae can be found there (on the rocks beneath the lighthouse Struga).
Lučica - sliding

Lučica is a small village/port with only 30 houses and is protected as an area of heritage. Originally, Lučica was a fisherman’s port and buildings were used as storage for fishing equipment. Lučica is just one kilometre from the town of Lastovo. You can reach it by an asphalt road or – there is 400m long short cut through the forest.



Lučica - protected by law

Mediterranean Architecture. It has been forbidden to build any new buildings in Lučica. Therefore, existing houses have been retro-fitted according to traditional Mediterranean architecture. For visitors, Lučica is a private, protected, peaceful and above all a joyful place, not damaged by modern concrete buildings and with rich vegetation.

 Lučica – view towards the sea 

Pristine and peaceful. The waterfront is made from stone, looking towards the island of Korčula, and the port is big enough just for small motor and sailing boats. This is a benefit for tourists, since they can swim without fear of pollution, fast motorboats or crowds.

Lučica – a view from above 


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