The most distant inhabited island. The island of Lastovo is member of south Dalmatian islands and the most distant inhabited island. Like pearls, there is a thread of 45 small islands and cliffs alongside Lastovo. All together -- 46 beautiful and interesting islands.
  • Lučica is a small village/port with only 30 houses and is protected as an area of heritage. Originally, Lučica was a fisherman’s port and buildings were used as storage for fishing equipment. Lučica is just one kilometre from the town of Lastovo. You can reach it by an asphalt road or – there is 400m long short cut through the forest.



Lastovo - Video by DIANO MAYA
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Excursions and sporting activities
Excursion to Saplun Active holiday. Lastovo is a small island, ideal to be explored on foot, by bicycle or by scooter, which can be rented at all times. Those who love the sea, can take a whole day trip to the sandy island of Saplun in the archipelago of Lastovnjaci, a trip to Mljet, or even further to the remote but extremely attractive Palagruža. Enthusiasts who prefer the sea and fishing can a boat, or attend one of the two diving schools on the island. Everything you need for an active holiday in untouched nature.
I love green
FORESTS Lastovo, along with Mljet, is Croatia's most forested island. Unfortunately, in the last decade several forest fires have ravaged the southern end of the island and devastated the oak and pine forests. However, in the centre of the island and especially in its northern and western areas it is still highly rich in various vegetation. Here grow around 703 plant species of which 15 are endemic and 53 endangered. The most widely spread are forest strawberry trees, holm oak, aleppo pine and diss grass which is specific for Lastovo.
The Island of Sušac
Fortress of peaceful and safe navigation

The little island of Sušac is about 13 nautical miles away from the west coast of Lastovo. Its south-west coast is steep and harsh, while others are gentle and hilly.

Vegetation is scarce because rainfall is extremely rare - this is most likely how it acquired its name. The sea around Sušac has a transparency of about 30 metres. There are many coves ideal for swimming and diving on the island.

Lešić Zaglav Apartments

Lešić Zaglav apartments are located where the sea meets the pine trees, in the beautiful part of the island, just 500 metres away from the ferry port of Ubli, and yet fully protected from bad weather and crowds.

Sea and privacy. Lešić Apartments are built on the shore, in a secluded location. For those who love taking a swim in the sea at dawn, or sunbathing on the rocks undisturbed by anyone, this is their ideal choice.

Wealth of the Undersea World
Beautiful - as it always was!

Undersea World. Thanks to the great amount of zooplankton, the waters around the island of Lastovo are one of the richest fish areas of the Adriatic Sea. The area is famous for colonies of lobsters, crabs, groupers, abberjacks, golden brasses... You can also catch blue fish here. Local residents witness that not so long ago the “Mediterranean monk seal” lived in the south end of the Island, in close proximity to the cave “Medvjedine".

Hiking on Lastovo

Planinarstvo has created an excellent video about hiking on Lastovo. Check what they recorded in only 3 days.

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Trip to Palagruža

Unforgettable Palagruža! The most attractive excursion from Lastovo is certainly a trip to 48km (26NM) remote island of Palagruža. Although it is neither easy or cheap to get there, because one must rent a well-equipped boat with a skilled crew, don't hesitate for a second - it is certainly worth it! It is a trip you will remember forever. The family of Tin Frlan (+385.20.801.164) is the most reliable choice. They have a safe and fast boat, and they are real experts in the secrets of the sea. They will take care of everything - the transport and the food!

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