Fishermen's night in Lučica Bay

Dalmatian Klapa Šufit from Split
Dalmatian Klapa Šufit from Split

Locals and tourists were singing together with the Dalmatian a capella band Klapa Šufit from Split.

People throughout Dalmatia know about the beautiful sound of Klapa Šufit  - especially those who were lucky enough to attend the Fishermen's party in Lučica Bay, on August 3rd. Beautiful songs, good vine and numerous local specialties, everything free and spiced with warm hospitality of people living in Lučica were the ingredients of a great party.  

 Dubravko, Igor and Tomica were preparing food and serving vine to all thirsty singers

Fishermen party in the Lučica Bay 

Experts for parties (PhD in Partiology) 

 Good food, great vine and nice people...

Everything was in synch - a warm summer evening, the gentle sound of waves, good people who came with wine or cookies, and Dubravko, Igor and Tomica, who spent the evening grilling fish with smiles on their faces and pouring wine for all those parched from singing... 

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