About Lastovo

Imperial Island. The island of Lastovo belongs to the South Dalmatian archipelago. Due to its distance from the mainland, it seems isolated, like it plunges into the blue sky and open sea. It is 10 km long and 5.8 km wide, with a total area of 56.2 km2. The Romans called it the Imperial Island because of its numerous fields, rich forests, beautiful wreath of islets and rocks that surround it, countless hidden coves and abundance of sea fish.


Nature Park. Due to all of this, a holiday on Lastovo is for modern man a real blessing - a harmonious blend of peace and tranquility , crystal clear sea, impressive undersea world and traditional Mediterranean atmosphere. All this was confirmed by the decision of the Croatian parliament to declare Lastovo a nature park in 2006. The long term goal is to preserve the untouched nature for future generations as well as for those who know how to enjoy in it now.


Journey. Lastovo can be reached by ferry and catamaran from Split (route Split-Vela Luka-Lastovo). It is also possible to arrive via Korčula by boarding in Vela Luka.

Arrival to the island ends in Ubli bay. The town of Lastvovo is 11 km away by paved road. Buses and taxis are available or you can arrange personal transportation.

Lučica Bay is located on the north end of the island and from the town of Lastovo it is less than a kilometre away by paved road.

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