About Lastovo

Activities on the island

Sv. Mihovil. In the neighbouring bay of Sv. Mihovil, 300 metres from Lučica, is a night club and a cafe. Beach volleyball is played here and it's the main hangout place for the young. Every year in Sv. Mihovil bay there are concerts, mostly at the end of July and the beginning of August when there is the traditional Jazz Festival, which has been held for eight years in a row. In recent years the Jazz Festival has been honored with performances by top rock names such as Urban, Gego, Hladno Pivo, Let 3...

For sailors

Supremely attractive destination. For sailors, yachtsmen and boaters Lastovo is a supremely attractive destination. The gentle coves, bays and untouched coastline, lush vegetation which often descends straight into the sea, are lures they will find difficult to resist.

Lastovo Fumars (chimneys)

A distinguishing feature of Lastovo, something that makes the view of the island recognizable, are stone houses with imaginative chimneys – called ‘fumar’ (pl. fumari, lat. Fum – smoke, vapor). Why the villagers have through the centuries been investing so much effort to build diverse chimneys is still a mystery, but the fact is that it is almost impossible to see two similar fumars (chimneys), especially if you are looking at old houses.

Diversity of Lastovo fumars (chimneys) – each one is unique.