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Fishermen's night in Lučica Bay

Dalmatian Klapa Šufit from SplitDalmatian Klapa Šufit from Split
Dalmatian Klapa Šufit from Split

Locals and tourists were singing together with the Dalmatian a capella band Klapa Šufit from Split.

People throughout Dalmatia know about the beautiful sound of Klapa Šufit  - especially those who were lucky enough to attend the Fishermen's party in Lučica Bay, on August 3rd. Beautiful songs, good vine and numerous local specialties, everything free and spiced with warm hospitality of people living in Lučica were the ingredients of a great party.  

Lastovo Poklad Carnival

Lastovo's poklada – a unique experienceLastovo's poklada – a unique experienceNot even rain or chilly weather could have spoilt the last year's Carnival on Lastovo, known as Poklad.

Pokladari. 47 pairs of Carnival folk (pokladari) gathered together.

The masks were even more beautiful!

3rd International Symposium for Dark-sky Parks, Lastovo September 6-10 2010

Reflection of Jupiter in the sea. Lastovo 2009.  Photo: M.Smrekar. Source: darkskyparks.orgReflection of Jupiter in the sea. Lastovo 2009. Photo: M.Smrekar. Source: darkskyparks.org3rd International Symposium for Dark-sky Parks and 3rd International Dark-sky Camp will be held on the island of Lastovo, Croatia, September 6-10, 2010. More info about the Symposium and Camp.
More information on dark-sky parks: http://www.darkskyparks.org/.

Hiking on Lastovo

Planinarstvo has created an excellent video about hiking on Lastovo. Check what they recorded in only 3 days.

Fish and pasta for a billionaire without a wallet

Time 1995: Bill Gates – Master of the UniverseTime 1995: Bill Gates – Master of the Universe
If you were on the island of Lastovo during August 2009, you probably heard that ‘Bill Gates tried to escape from a restaurant without paying (not even a few bucks for tip), and the hills around Portorus (Skrivena Luka) were covered in people in black’. That story spread like wild-fire, so we checked what really happened. 

Bill Gates, one of the wealthiest men on earth, was cruising around the Adriatic during the summer of 2009. Everywhere he came it attracted a lot of media attention – except on the beautiful island of Lastovo.