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Fortress of peaceful and safe navigation

The little island of Sušac is about 13 nautical miles away from the west coast of Lastovo. Its south-west coast is steep and harsh, while others are gentle and hilly.

Vegetation is scarce because rainfall is extremely rare - this is most likely how it acquired its name. The sea around Sušac has a transparency of about 30 metres. There are many coves ideal for swimming and diving on the island.

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Unforgettable Palagruža! The most attractive excursion from Lastovo is certainly a trip to 48km (26NM) remote island of Palagruža. Although it is neither easy or cheap to get there, because one must rent a well-equipped boat with a skilled crew, don't hesitate for a second - it is certainly worth it! It is a trip you will remember forever. The family of Tin Frlan (+385.20.801.164) is the most reliable choice. They have a safe and fast boat, and they are real experts in the secrets of the sea. They will take care of everything - the transport and the food!

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Sandy Saplun. Between Lastovnjaci, the islands just a few miles from Lastovo, known for its beauty, pines and sandy bay is the island of Saplun. Also close by are the islets of Arženjaci, Česvinica, Stomorina and Lukovci. A paradise for sailors who anchor here and even more so for visitors. 

How to get to this earthly paradise!?

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PODMORJE. Zahvaljujući obilju zooplanktona more oko otoka Lastova jedno je od ribom  najbogatijih područja na Jadranu. Poznato je po kolonijama brkatog jastoga, hlapovima, sovicama, zatim škarpinama, gofovima, kernjama, zubacima, kantorima... Ondje se lovi i plava riba. Mještani svjedoče da je na južnim stranama otoka u blizini spilje Medvjedine još ne tako davno živjela i sredozemna medvjedica.
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Old church on Hum-during war times used as weapon storage Challanges for those who want more. As many as 46 bays, just as many little churches, as many spacious fields of grass and rolling hills in the heart of the island of Lastovo, are wonderful options with breathtaking views for those that aren’t satisfied with just the sea and the sun but who enjoy an active vacation. 

View from hill top Hum towards “Hidden Pier”

All year long. For all nature lovers, hikers or bikers, Lastovo is a great choice year-round. The best experience is during the months of May, June and September when the days are not too hot and nature is at its peak of beauty, allowing for breathtaking views every way you turn. Some of the walking paths are already organised in trail systems - such as Lastovo-Skrivena luka, 5 km (“Hidden Pier”), Lastovo-Ubli , 12 km; Lastovo-Zaklopatice 3 km, Lastovo-Lucice 1 km and many more. 

Church at Hum

For the ambitious. Numerous old paved and gravel roads, built in times when the island served as an army base, will greatly enrich your experience of Lastovo. You will have a chance to immerse yourself in traces of rich history left by Greeks, Romans, Slavs, Venetians, Dubrovnik army, Napoleon army, the English, the Italians and the Yugoslavian National Army (JNA). Of course, for this adventure we highly recommend durable shoes.
Hiking trails to the Middle Ages. Nearing the end of laying out hiking paths, we come to old churches and mediaeval buildings. And along the way one can be intoxicated by the scent of Mediterranean herbs: mint, rosemary, sage, laurel St. John's wort...
View from hill top Hum towards “Hidden Pier” 
Zace- beautiful coast inlet, 2-hours-walk away from Lucica
Ubli-harbour for larger boats and ferries, in which you can explore archeological site of old Christian basilica with sarcophagus (5th-6th AD)
A Journey to the Centre of the Earth? Since once Lastovo was an military island, there are many old exciting army tunnels, giant underground rooms and other “Lara Croft”-type attractions. 
Tunnel in historic army base.
“Garage for submarine”- built in 1950’s. Very interesting place to visit! 
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