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The undersea world around the island of Lastovo was discovered long ago by divers and lovers of the crystal clear sea. In the Sea of Lastovo many species of fish and even more beautiful corals and algae hide away. The indented coastline with its many coves, rocks and shallows, as well as Lastovnjaci - the miniature archipelago of stunning beauty which borders the eastern side of the island towards Mljet, create a dream for divers: a real undersea paradise.

Seka Drašan - a popular spot for divers and mermaidsSeka Drašan - a popular spot for divers and mermaids

Seka Drašan. On the north-eastern side of the island, in the open sea, less than a mile from the island of Lastovo, perpendicular to the bay of Zace from the the sea rise the Seka Drašan cliffs. During low tide they reach just a metre above the sea's surface. A look under the sea will leave you breathless. Diverse, rich and eerie - along the numerous fish, there are also many witnesses of storms.

Struga. Divers speak with passion about diving in the southern end of the island - beneath the rugged cliffs which crash into the sea at the foot of the Struga lighthouse. Also beautiful is the undersea world around the islets of Tajna and Bijelca, and you will also enjoy simply relaxing in the waters of any little islet cove.

 Struga; lighthouse, cliffs and seaStruga; lighthouse, cliffs and sea

 Cliffs and dinghyCliffs and dinghy

Buža - one attractionBuža - one attraction

Buža and visitorsBuža and visitors

Schools. For those who want to learn how to dive, there are two diving schools on Lastovo.

<Cliffs - always interesting formsCliffs - always interesting forms

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