The Island of Sušac

Fortress of peaceful and safe navigationFortress of peaceful and safe navigation

The little island of Sušac is about 13 nautical miles away from the west coast of Lastovo. Its south-west coast is steep and harsh, while others are gentle and hilly.

Vegetation is scarce because rainfall is extremely rare - this is most likely how it acquired its name. The sea around Sušac has a transparency of about 30 metres. There are many coves ideal for swimming and diving on the island.

Lighthouse and Emperor Franz Joseph. At the highest point of the island, 100 metres high, on the cliffs, Emperor Franz Joseph I gave orders to build a lighthouse in 1879, which is still in use today.Sušac - view from the lighthouseSušac - view from the lighthouse

About the island. The island will fascinate you with its beauty as well as its intensive feeling of detachment from the rest of the world. All around you are profound peace, silence and vast open sea views.

A way to Sušac? You can reach this pearl of nature in under two hours of sailing. Of course, there is no regular transport line or anything alike – but don't give up, because tourists who really want to enjoy the pleasure if its shores can sail with Tin Frlan, one of the best and most reliable experts on the Lastovo archipelago. The price of the trip is negotiable. It is also possible that he prepares a fish lunch or you can even order real island lamb at Goran, the local shepherd. If you decide to take this trip, you will be amazed by the beauty of the island, but also the fact that there exist remains of a 4th century church and that 200 people lived on Sušac in the past.

The only permanent inhabitants on Sušac today are two lighthouse keepers and Goran, the mentioned shepherd.

Swimming on SušacSwimming on Sušac

Cliffs of SušacCliffs of Sušac