2,700 hours of sunshine per year

2,700 hours of sunshine per year


For the people of Lastovo, the sea is not only a beautiful,

watery field which feeds them, but literally the source of all life - it controls the wind and the rain and the sun! It is the best natural thermostat. The summers are warm, but not too hot (the average temperature in August is 24.90C) and the winters are mild (the average temperature in January is 8.30C). The autumns are warmer than the springs.

Abundant rain falls during the winter months, and the dry and sunny periods (up to 2,700 hours of sunshine per year) are present throughout the rest of the year. Annual humidity totals at about 68%.

ROSATA What is specific to the island's climate are abundant and frequent "rosata" (dew). Thanks to this very abundant and frequent dew, the lack of rainfall is compensated and the vegetation is rich and diverse.

The most frequent winds which mostly blow in the winter time are "bura" (northeasterly), "tramontana" (northerly), "pulenat" (westerly), "jugo" (southerly), "lebić" (southwesterly) and "levant" (easterly). During summer months, the most frequent wind in the afternoons is "maestral" (northwesterly).