Lastovo Islands - the youngest Croatian Nature Park

Preserving the biodiversity of the Mediterranean. On September 12, 2006 the Croatian Parliament adopted the declaration of the Lastovo Islands as a nature park and committed the Republic of Croatia, all Croatian citizens and all visitors, to taking special care of this region.

Croatian nature parks family thus got a new member - the Lastovo Islands with their 195.83 km2 covering archipelago.

If you have ever been to Lastovo, you surely know why it is a Nature Park. If you have not, then you should know that it is a nature park because of you – so you can, this summer or maybe some future summers, springs, winters or autumns, come to Lastovo and enjoy the pure, untouched nature.

The Nature Park  Lastovo Islands. Source: State Institute for Nature Protection.
Nature Park Lastovo Islands. Source: State Institute for Nature Protection.


How did it happen? The protection of Lastovo was planned in strategic documents of the Republic of Croatia in 1999. Not long after, this intention was supported by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Actually, the WWF declared Lastovo a priority for the preservation of the Mediterranean biodiversity in 2003.

And then, the local community woke up, and the Ministry, and numerous scientists, numerous volunteers, enthusiasts… and at the end, the Croatian Parliament passed the Act declaring Lastovo Islands a Nature Park.

Now, it is your turn; come to Lastovo and enjoy this pure untouched beauty. Beauty of nature, as it always was.

And yes, support this idea by sharing the information.

Because protecting the nature is our responsibility!