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As many as 46 bays,


Lučica is a small village/port

Lastovo Carnival

Carnival on Lastovo is
a unique, for centuries preserved
multi-day folk event

History of Lastovo

15 centuries of written history;
ancient Greek colony; Part of Italy,
UK, France, Republic of Dubrovnik...

Lastovo Featured

A popular speciality, sardines on a scewer are an authentic Lastovo dish, although some other islands have embraced it and even claim it to be theirs. But no matter, you certainly have to try this simple, cheap yet top quality dish.


  • 10-12 large sardines per person
  • salt
  • 50 cm long wooden skewer, the flatter the better, about 2 cm wide.

Preparation. Clean the sardines, remove the heads and the insides. Salt the cleaned fish with coarse sea salt and skewer them on the wooden skewer, then place to be cooked over the prepared embers. The sardines will cook well and won't fall into the embers if you skewer them in a way where each of their spines is facing down at first, and later turn them over facing up. Grill each side for 4-5 minutes. When they are grilled and have a good colour, carefully remove from the skewer and place in a dish. Do not add more oil - in the summer the fish is oily enough. Just cover the dish in which you have placed them and serve after a few minutes - when the fish have "marinated" themselves a bit. Eat with a salad, fresh bread and sliced onions. And of course, a glass of wine or maybe two, what more could you want!?

In other parts of Dalmatia sardines are cooked whole on a grill. The insides are not cleaned, and the scales are cleaned only with a napkin. When they are cooked with the insides, they have a different acrid taste. During cooking they are covered with olive oil along with sprigs of rosemary.
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