The island of weddings

The island of weddings


That fateful YES

Lastovo has become a place of frequent weddings

Perhaps more than any advertising slogan about the beauty of Lastovo can provide you with, we give some interesting information for the uninformed. In previous years, Lastovo has become a place of frequent weddings, not only amongst local people, but also among people who have come here from other places to experience the most festive and beautiful day of their lives and pledge their love "til death do us part".

Marriage vows. Most young couples decide to pledge their fidelity and love in the beautiful, stone, centuries old, parish Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian, although there have been those who got married in one of the tame, secluded coves. 

Sudbonosno DA

Last autumn whitnessed weddings like these week after week. One example was the wedding of young scientists Sonja Merkaš from Klanjac in Zagorje and Ivan Pogorelić from Split, who said the fateful "Yes" in the church in Lastovo. As they said, their love began on Lastovo and here is where they wanted to make their marriage vows.

"Overseas" weddings are also not so rare - and so at the beginning of September, Branka Zorić and Yves Marchand got married on the island, a couple who met and fell in love in Montreal. They got married on Lastovo and then returned to cold Canada happy and satisfied. The wedding ceremony in Lastovo's beautiful church (built in 1474), the wedding party in a restaurant by the sea, beneath pine trees, with plavac and maraština wines, is something they will never forget.