Trip to Palagruža

Unforgettable Palagruža! The most attractive excursion from Lastovo is certainly a trip to 48km (26NM) remote island of Palagruža. Although it is neither easy or cheap to get there, because one must rent a well-equipped boat with a skilled crew, don't hesitate for a second - it is certainly worth it! It is a trip you will remember forever. The family of Tin Frlan (+385.20.801.164) is the most reliable choice. They have a safe and fast boat, and they are real experts in the secrets of the sea. They will take care of everything - the transport and the food!

Lighthouse on PalagružaLighthouse on PalagružaAbout Palagruža. Palagruža is group of islets and rocks in the middle of the Adriatic, halfway between Croatian and Italian coast. It is the furthest and most southern point of Croatia. It consists of Vela and Mala Palagruža, Sjeverni and Južni Kamik, and slightly further away - Galijula.

On Vela Palagruža, which is about 1,400 m long and 300 m wide, there are two bays, two beaches: Velo Žalo in the south and Stara Vlaka on the north-west. Velo, the southern beach, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic.

Untouched nature. The sea around Palagruža is the richest fishing area in the Adriatic. The island itself is a nature reserve of endemic plant and animal species. It is particularly famous for milkweed, a plant which loses its leaves during the summer to protect itself from drought, and the rest of the year it covers the whole island with flowers.

Archaeological excavations. Palagruža is also rich in archaeological sites dating back to the 6th century BC. As many as 40,000 fragments of Greek ceramics have been found here.

The largest lighthouse. In 1875, the biggest lighthouse in the Adriatic was built on the island.

On the way to Palagruža - Lastovo in the distance!