Lastovo - location

The most distant inhabited island. The island of Lastovo is member of south Dalmatian islands and the most distant inhabited island. Like pearls, there is a thread of 45 small islands and cliffs alongside Lastovo. All together -- 46 beautiful and interesting islands.

Magical 46. A lot of things on Lastovo are magical: there are 46 fields, 46 churches, the are of the island is 46km2...

Statute of Lastovo. Besides the natural beauties, Lastovo has a very valuable history of civilized life. In the place of Ubli, on the western side of the island, where nowadays lies the port, holds the remains of stone graves from ancient times. But what is more important is the Statute of Lastovo from 1310. It represents a unique example of legal life on an independant island. Thanks to that, people of Lastovo have never been anyone's servants, wisely preserving the freedom and traditional values.

The town of Lastovo was built where it is today around 1000 years ago.